Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Buy Android Tablet Salford

with christmas coming up. I realised there is no other topic for the post your reading now than prezzies!.

last xmas I bought the apple iPad for my son Which he constantly nagged for it was his biggest gift.

My mother, his nan however didn't know that i had done so and she went buy android tablet Ely out and bought the android tablet.

which present would you guess my boy played with most?... Thats right the android tablet which cost just £50 compared to the ipads £500

when I asked my son the reason why and he replied "I'm glad you bought the iPad mum but... This is just amazing, I can play better games and i don't have to have itunes to listen to my music"

If you are wondering where the tablet was bought it was from:

hope this helps

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